Violent assault compensation claims

If you have been injured in a violent physical assault that was unprovoked, you may be able to claim compensation

Are you entitled to claim criminal injury compensation?

Are you entitled to claim criminal injury compensation?

It is possible that you can make a compensation claim to the CICA if you satisfy the following criteria:

  1. You reported the matter to the police within a reasonable timeframe
  2. You then cooperated with the police at all times
  3. You apply for compensation within 2 years of the crime.
  4. It is expected that you seek medical attention for any injuries suffered. To not do so may affect your claim.

It does NOT matter if the perpetrator was prosecuted or if the court case is pending.

How to make a claim following an assault

If you have been the victim of a violent unprovoked assault you will have suffered harm both physically and emotionally as a result of your ordeal. Such trauma can be very difficult to overcome and it is entirely appropriate that you should seek compensation.

Fortunately in the UK we have a system in place to deal with such claims and provide compensation for the innocent victims of crime. The Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA for short) is responsible for administering the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

The CICA award compensation to eligible applicants who have been the victim of a violent or sexually orientated crime.


The amount awarded depends very much on the nature of the injury or harm suffered and whether there are any subsequent losses arising from the injuries.

We offer a No win No fee service to victims of crime who prefer to have legal representation when claiming through the CICA scheme. If you instruct us to handle your claim and you receive compensation, we charge 25% of any award inclusive of VAT. In the event that your case does not result in any award being paid we will make no charge. Please also view your cancellation rights.

Case example: An award of £11,000 would result in a fee of £2750 leaving a net sum of £8250 compensation payable. If a case fails and no award is paid, no fee would be payable to us.

As part of our specialist service we will help you obtain the correct amount of compensation for your circumstances. Whilst the injury element of the CICA award is based on a very basic tariff system, applicants can be incorrectly allocated to the wrong tariff or award level.

It is also very important that other claims such as lost earnings, care and services are explored in cases involving more serious injuries. Such claims need persuasive evidence but many victims are unable to live normal lives because of their ordeal. It is crucial that a victim’s lifestyle and working capacity is reviewed and further claims considered before any settlement is agreed.

If you need help and support emotionally following your ordeal, we have some resources here you may wish to take a look at.

If you need help and support emotionally following your ordeal, we have some resources here you may wish to take a look at.

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