Why choose our service…

Here we explain more about our specialist legal service. For those who wish to make what may be a complex claim for sexual abuse or rape assault, our specialists provide the expertise you need. 

If you have suffered historical sexual abuse in the UK or have been the victim of sexual assault, you may be able to claim government compensation through the CICA scheme.  

We know from experience that such claims for many are complicated and not all applicants will succeed in obtaining compensation. The rules relating to CICA eligibility are strict and around 20,000 claims are refused each year. 

Our legal team help with complex cases and can assist with new applications or those that have already been refused.

It is common for applicants to be incorrectly allocated the wrong award tariff which means you end up receiving less compensation than you are due. We ensure this does not happen and will check all awards to make sure you have not been under-compensated.

It is also very important that other claims such as lost earnings, care and services are explored in cases involving more serious injuries. Mental health problems are the main cause of disability with abuse and sexual assault victims.

Such claims need persuasive evidence but many victims are unable to live normal lives because of their ordeal. It is crucial that a victim’s lifestyle and working capacity is reviewed and further claims considered before any settlement is agreed.

With our help you may be able to claim an award for the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological harm
  • Loss of earnings (if the trauma has prevented you from working) 
  • Care and services where applicable under the scheme

NO WIN NO FEE:  If your case does not succeed we make NO charge. If you succeed with our help we charge 25% of any award you receive inclusive of VAT. More here on our No win No fee service.


If you need help and support emotionally following your ordeal, we have some resources here you may wish to take a look at.

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