Our fees and how you pay us

If you instruct a representative to make a claim on your behalf, please be aware that the CICA will not pay for such a service. This is where our No win No fee arrangement helps a great deal.

If we take your claim forward then there are only two scenarios for you to think about. You either succeed in your claim and receive a compensation award or you do not succeed and you receive no award.

What happens if your case succeeds?

If your claim is successful, we will deduct a maximum of 25% (inclusive of vat) from any settlement award you receive in satisfaction of our fees. There are no additional costs.

What happens if your case does not succeed?

If the claim is not successful we do not make any charge for the work we do regardless of how long the case has taken to conclude. We offer a strictly *”No win No fee” arrangement.
You pay nothing up front and have no admin fees or insurance to worry about.

Please also be aware that you are able to make a claim to the CICA personally without using the services of a claims company or solicitor.

* Our No win No fee arrangement means you will not pay any fee to our company (CCB) if your case is unsuccessful with no award being made by the CICA. However, please be aware that other charges may apply to your case. For example the CICA may make a charge of £50 to access your medical records when assessing your application. You may also be required to pay a fee to our company if you decide not to pursue your case after the initial 14 day cancellation period, this fee will be appropriate and reasonably reflect the work carried out on your case prior to your decision to cancel your instructions.

If you need help and support emotionally following your ordeal, we have some resources here you may wish to take a look at.

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